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We are always trying to do our best to provide the fastest possible shipping service so that all shipping orders will be arranged within 24 hours. We are committed to providing the most safe and effective hair rejuvenation product to all countries of the world. (7 days a week) After confirming the payment process, we will choose the best shipping company according to your country's location Usually we ship by DHL company but in some countries of the world we will use FedEx, UPS, DHL or any other shipping company as the nearest and fastest for every customer Shipment comes with a special tracking number which will be sent to you via For e-mail or sms messages so that you can keep track of your shipment online

Shipment arrival date

The shipment takes all the regions of Saudi Arabia to your address between 24-48 hours to all the Arab countries from 3-5 working days to the rest of the world from 5-7 business days, but if your shipment is delayed for more than 10 days, we recommend you Check with the shipping company closest to you that you have shipped your shipment, because your shipment may or may be able to help you track it.


All our shipments come with a conservative packaging, where only the name of the addressee is written on the box. The shipping labels are also conservative and do not suggest anything to do with the treatment of hair loss (original Afghan cannabis oil) of five stars.

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If you can not locate your shipment, please contact us or contact us and one of our specialists will follow up your shipment with the shipping company.

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