Al-Mustashreq Trading Company

Saudi Certified Company

Al-Mustashriq Trading Company was established in 2000. The original Afghan hashish oil is considered new at the level of the Arab countries. There were strange reactions from some people due to the chosen name of the product, but the name was chosen according to the real substances which make up the product. It is scientifically proven that it regenerates hair as it truly treats the entire scalp from the roots to the limbs. Orientalist Company is the first and only licensed and licensed Saudi company in the Middle East. The founder of the company in 1999, the work of many of the real research and experience for a year full of real research to obtain effective treatment of hereditary baldness and alopecia The focus of researchers and experts in the Orientalist to the conclusion of an effective treatment For root hair growth from natural materials and free from toxic substances In the high-tech biotechnological environment, research has been conducted on the active ingredients used in the original Afghan cannabis oil and tested based on many studies Scientific studies.

The humanitarian aspect

Our approach is based on the human and ethical aspect, and stems from our firm belief that conscience is the ultimate judgment of our performance. Orienteering Company establishes this approach through its employees and employees, and is committed to providing a product with real results without any side effects. Our goal is to believe that our customers are the source of all value and we always strive to satisfy them and exceed their expectations. We realize that achieving this is the result of sincere performance and fulfillment of the covenant. In the long run, we respond to all customer feedback and inquiries by working within a value system and advanced level of data and information management and follow-up of customers in the post-service phases.


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More than 3 million customers worldwide are honored to serve them and we are pleased with their satisfaction

Trust and safety

Real results In every sense we pride ourselves in providing the safe means to grow new hair That is why we are progressing

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