Treatment of hair growth for baldness and weak hair

The original Afghan cannabis oil provides a re-growth treatment for safe and very comfortable hair, one treatment session that stimulates and stimulates hair to grow naturally again

Hair loss treatment has been specially designed to stimulate hair line, stimulate blood circulation, refill hair-free areas and activate hair from the mother's cell, allowing hair follicles to regain function and grow successfully.

At baseline, the main function of the original Afghan cannabis oil is to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and control the testosterone, the male hormone and prostaglandin D2 protein in the circumference of the head lashes. As a result, an increase in the total active hair follicles and roots and once the total follicles and active roots increase, Accelerate hair growth, increase hair elasticity and also perform mass cleaning of dead skin layers, accumulation of salt residues, cortex and excess fatty secretions in the scalp.

This innovative technology works to bring active substances deep into the mother cell to help hair follicles regain function, facilitating treatment absorption and providing hair follicles with essential nourishment.


The original Afghan cannabis oil is suitable for all types of baldness and hair loss. It is the most advanced and effective hair growth treatment for male pattern baldness and can re-grow hair in the following types of baldness

♦ Fatty edema resulting from increased fatty secretions

♦ Genetic baldness male pattern baldness

♦  Alopecia areata

 ♦ Hybrid baldness

 ♦ Chemical Baldness

Peeling disease (the skin is transformed into a solid layer and a massive damage occurs to hair follicles) These are the most common problems of hair loss in both men and women.

Genetic Baldness (Male Pattern Baldness)

Is a hereditary disease inherited by the genes of the mother or father, the cause of hair loss genetics (Also known as genetic baldness or male pattern baldness) is the effect of DHT on hair follicles, which shortens the hair growth cycle. This type of baldness occurs gradually because it leads to the decline of hair lines and total baldness and the sooner we treat it the faster the results. People who suffer from genetic baldness need constant treatment to protect hair follicles and to end the effect of DHT. Like other types of baldness, hereditary baldness can be treated. Native Afghan cannabis oil can re-grow hair in 50% of men who suffer This is the common cause of baldness in just 3 months and 95% in 9 months

How effective is the original Afghan oil?

When it comes to reviving hair follicles, the original Afghan cannabis oil is the best preparation for lasting results. People with male pattern baldness or other types of baldness or Abelada will see real results using the original Afghan cannabis oil and their lives will change dramatically by adding a simple routine once One in the evening for a temporary treatment period.

Most men have reported that the new hair was grown after nearly fifty days of use of the original Afghan cannabis oil. For patients with alopecia, the new hair grows too thin and can turn yellow or black, Thick. As a result of the mistaken treatment of alopecia, the new white hair needs a period of 3-6 months maximum to become black again. Most patients with mild cases of alopecia can restore hair during one or two cycles of treatment. Patients with moderate to severe conditions will need a relatively long time. Depending on the degree and severity of their baldness, you may need more than one treatment session to get positive results. Each course lasts three months.

In order to achieve the best results, it is important to use the original Afghan cannabis oil until the end of the treatment period (3) months, and despite the desired results, should continue to use the Afghan cannabis original until the end of the full treatment period for three months. If the use is interrupted for a few days by mistake, it should not cause panic, but if the interruption of use continues for a long time, it is normal that the effectiveness of the product will be affected.

How long do you need treatment for the most difficult cases?

A three-month course using the original Afghan cannabis oil gives you permanent results when your hair grows. Where the original Afghan hashish oil stimulates hair follicles to start hair growth again naturally. Unlike other hair growth products, you do not have to continue using the original Afghan cannabis oil after the treatment period of three months. You should not suffer from hair loss in the future after 90 ) Days of use.

After completing your first three-month course, you can continue using the original Afghan cannabis oil (three times a week) to get stronger and thicker hair. We recommend that all patients continue to use the original Afghan cannabis oil at least three times a week (once a day) to maintain the nutrition of hair follicles and stop the effect of DHT, the hormone that attacks hair (for cases of genetic baldness) With continuous use, treatment of hair rejuvenation can increase the original Afghan cannabis oil by multiplying the results achieved in previous treatment sessions to non-stop periods, revitalizing the function of hair follicles and allowing your scalp to absorb the necessary nutrients to maintain the good level it received during the course of treatment.