✔ Results end of the first month
- Stop hair loss completely.
- Remove the crust and secretions fatty and bacterial
- THC is active in cannabis oil
- To dissolve, dissolve and dissolve harmful fatty sacs that cause fatty baldness
- In many cases of baldness, hair smoothing and treatment of shelling and damage.
- Increase the length by 5-6 cm and density by 15-20%

⚠ Important note
Increase the height, density and softness of hair multiply monthly period Using Afghan hashish oil (five stars) there is no stopping limit in double height and density.

✔ results end of the second month - in addition to the results of the first month doubled
- Repair and germination of hair follicles, which are in a state of inertia and can not grow.
- Re-germination of the hair and cover the blanks gradually adjust the flow of the hormone DHT
- Early Gray Therapy (Hydrogen Peroxide Peroxide Treatment)
- The white hair turns brown into the brown of the mother's bulb.

✔ results end of the third month - in addition to the results of the first month and the second doubling
- Cover the blanks completely
- Fixation of results, full appearance of new hair, early gray treatment (hydrogen peroxide pool treatment)
- The brown hair turns black from the mother's bulb.

⚠ Note:
The product works on two sides at the same time cosmetic and therapeutic side of the first treatment of the basic problem you have.The second side is cosmetic, increasing height, density and softness in high grades as a clear monthly percentage of your period of use After completing the basic period of treatment, the first three months you can continue to use the product
More than 3 months according to your desire to double the length, density and degree of smoothness note that the ratio of length and density.The natural softness will be clear monthly according to the monthly percentage shown in the results tableThere is no limit on how long you use the product.