Important Steps to Effectively Re-Grow Hair

The original Afghani Hashish Oil cleanses the pores of the scalp and activates blood circulation which leads to the increase of the overall size of hair follicles and roots, and provide the necessary nutrients to restore the function of hair follicles. Treatment of Hair loss.


Steps to treat hair loss



Step 1

The active ingredients clean excessive greasy secretions that accumulate in the pores of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles and then dissolve impurities and prevent the presence of bacteria, allowing an ideal environment for the growth of new hair.




Step 2

The original Afghani Hashish Oil allows water to enter deeply inside hair follicles to help hair follicles gain their function during the change that occur to skin cells. The Oil also expands hair follicles throughout the treatment period.




Step 3

The original Afghani Hashish Oil activates blood circulation in the scalp which has stopped at the beginning of hair loss. Blood circulation is very necessary to improve the physiological function and balance of the food supply to hair follicles and roots which in turn help accelerate hair growth.




Step 4

Finally, the original Afghani Hashish Oil contains effective components that activate hair follicles. Moreover, it protects hair from negative effects of DHT (Dai Hydro Testosterone) and other harmful elements. To get the best results, it is important to continue using the original Afghani Hashish Oil to grow hair and complete the three-month treatment period.