Yes, for both sexes and even children over the age of two can take advantage of the characteristics of the original Afghan hashish (five stars) is a natural and completely safe to strengthen the hair, and restoration of hair follicles of the mother, stop the fall and re-germination of voids and increase the length and density as well as softness as a treatment or type Of cosmetics.

Yes, if the condition does not reach the appearance of shiny spots of baldness.

Yes, it can be used for all types of hair: greasy, dry, brittle, dyed, damaged

All regions will benefit from the features of the original Afghan cannabis oil (a five star brand) but the result will be noticed faster in areas that have recently been hit by blanks

The genetic factor is one of the main factors that cause baldness, but the appearance of baldness in the family does not necessarily mean you have genetic baldness, and overcome other factors causing baldness, such as (DHT hormone, weakness of blood circulation, hair follicle damage, etc.) Your use of the original Afghan cannabis oil will definitely (God willing) cure balding and prevent hair loss altogether and re-grow and nourish the hair follicles and thus treat baldness and stop the fallout with increasing height and density. Monthly, but in most cases the treatment will be completed after 3 months for the beginner and intermediate cases but for the cases of intractable and baldness have more than 10 years will take the treatment period of 6-9 months, you do not need to use cannabis oil after the completion of the Elzimnahllalaj period for three months, but if you wish to increase the length and density in this compound it depends on your decision profile.

5-star cannabis oil is a real treatment for baldness and not late. We mentioned that the treatment period is 3 months with a success rate of 65-95%. Success rate depends on the beginning
Baldness for the same person Women or men alike There are people who have baldness for 20 years and there are people with baldness of two years will be the proportion of treatment vary from person to person
But the lowest success rate of treatment is the most difficult cases are 65% by God's will and this is confirmed by studies and experiments over more than 13 years.

5-star cannabis oil is a real treatment for baldness and not late. We mentioned that the treatment period is 3 months with a success rate of 65-95%. Success rate depends on the beginning
Baldness for the same person Women or men alike There are people who have baldness for 20 years and there are people with baldness of two years will be the proportion of treatment vary from person to person
But the lowest success rate of treatment is the most difficult cases are 65% by God's will and this is confirmed by studies and experiments over more than 13 years.

Yes, cannabis oil is a real and effective treatment for the formation of spaces of the chin, mustache, chest, back and any place in the body, even if sensitive areas of exception (Ramoshalain) quickly even if the vacuums are congenital or partial or comprehensive alopecia, the beginning of the growth of new hair begins the end of the second month of use and completed Comprehensive coverage of the end of the third month with increasing hair length and intensity.

Yes Original Afghan hashish oil (five star brand) is considered a 100%
The formula has been developed for more than 13 years. It is based on medical extracts that are safe for use. Hashish oil strengthens hair follicles using extracts that have a high positive effect on hair by neutralizing the circumference of the follicles and returning them to life without side effects.

Treatment period depends on the type of alopecia:
Alopecia alopecia: 2-3 months.
Congenital alopecia: 3-4 months.
Total alopecia: the loss of full body hair from the head to the feet, and of course this type is the most difficult and back.
Treatment period of 3-6 months, note you will notice the germination of hair at the end of the second month may take complete treatment in full 4-6 months maximum.
Important warning: You can not use cannabis oil for eyelashes.

Ishish oil has nothing to do with the colors of industrial hair acquired from pigments and others See question 15.

There are no reliable medical studies and research that prove the relationship between bathing and hair washing with cold or other water during the period of the menstrual cycle with different types of diseases or cancer, as is rumored. On the contrary, personal hygiene during the menstrual cycle is very important because the body produces sweat and fat more than Any time, the cleaning must be continuous to avoid any odor or even any damage.

Yes, hair color refers to melanin in colored cells, which is completely dependent on the thyroxine and its enzyme. Early gray hair (gradually turning hair white) occurs due to the lack of colored hair dyes
The hair is originally white, but there are pigments in the hair follicles that give it the color it shows. For example, the melanin pigment previously mentioned in the hair follicles gives the hair its normal black natural color, the active ingredient found in the original Afghan basil oil based on the bulbs The hair is removed from the roots to the limbs gradually from white to the back or dark brown and then to black only in the case of an early shib but unfortunately does not benefit from this from Over 45 years.

There is certainly a lot of cannabis oil, but it is not original and it is completely imitated and carries many names such as: green hashish oil, black basil oil, Moroccan hashish oil, Indian hashish oil, UAE hashish oil .......
There are even hundreds of sellers who sell oils called cannabis oil on social networking sites. They may contain substances that are unknown or classified. They are harmful and we warn them. Many of the weak people find their chance to promote any successful product after trying to imitate it in a formal way, The spread of reputation for profit is unfortunately far from the content
The real and easy to obtain from the popular markets or perfume shops or from some unknown sellers spread in the forums as most of the items available in the Middle East is included in the composition of chemicals in the rates of cannabis oil, in the interest of the Orientalist on your safety and in order to get you the original product The company has secured all the packages with a sticker (three-dimensional) golden bearing the logo of the orientalist company on the packaging as it is clear in the picture attached, each packaging is well sealed with tape tape at the top and bottom of the package, and in case of removing the adhesive tape can not be returned as a package E. (Make sure that the packaging did not open before)

If you have ordered the product by shipping, make sure that all of the bank accounts that have transferred the value of your order to them by ATM or bank on behalf of Al Mashtrak Trading Company do not have bank accounts in the name of the members of all the bank accounts accredited in the name of the company itself, We are responsible for any oil that does not carry the logo of the company and is sold in its name, packing and packing in the country of origin (Afghanistan) to ensure a pure and pure product 100% to benefit all our customers.

Certainly, the use of the product at the time of pregnancy or lactation has nothing to do with pregnancy or breastfeeding and according to studies and tests under the supervision of specialists are completely natural and safe to use for pregnant or lactating. Orientalist company bears full responsibility for this matter, but must take into account the use of carefully selected dose and regular use of the product to prevent hair loss more time Pregnancy and lactation This period of time for women is thousands of hair loss due to the atrophy of hair follicles due to the timing of pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation.

The product does not contain narcotic substance and has been removed from the narcotic drug of cannabis seeds by laboratories and under the supervision of specialists note that the substance is not related to the final treatment not from near and not from afar and there is only the medicine is extracted from plants considered in the law is banned Vltopokorarin, Morphine muscle is ever extracted from the coriander plant. Morphine, which is the best analgesic of poppy, comes from the coca plant. All these plants are processed and the harmful substances removed from the laboratory after being collected and cleaned by specialists. Under the correct scientific criteria
The original Afghan hashish oil (a five star brand) is safe and effective and has no side effects in the long term and does not interfere with the composition of any materials manufactured or natural chemical and 100% security.

During the first week of use.
1 - completely stop the precipitation.
2 - dandruff and secretion of fatty and bacterial.
3 - hair straightening and treatment of shelling and damage.
Results end of first month.
1. Increase the length by 5-6 cm
2 - increase the density by 15-20%
IMPORTANT NOTE: Increase the length, density and softness of the hair doubles month by month. You use Afghan hashish oil (a brand of five stars) and has no stopover.
Example of length?
The first month increase the length of 5-6 cm
Month 12 cm
The third month is 18 cm
Month 24 cm
Month The fifth is 30 cm
Results end of the second month.
1 - restoration and germination of hair follicles, which are in a state of growth and growth.
2 - re-germination of hair and cover the gaps gradually.
3 - Adjust the level of secretions of male hormone DHT regularly.
4. Treatment of early gray hair turns white to brown color of the mother's bulb.

Results end of month III.
1 - cover the spaces completely.
3. Install the results.
4 - full appearance of the new hair.
5. Treatment of early gray hair turning from brown to black color of the mother's bulb.

That speed in getting the desired result varies depending on the problem itself! There are those who want to increase the length and density and stop hair loss and there are people suffering from genetic baldness or scalp or scalp, or scars or alopecia, but in most cases will notice the positive results within one month increase in length and density and complete stop in the fall (see the tangible results) For a period of three months before evaluating the results for those who suffer from baldness of the genitals or blanks or alopecia. For people who use the original Afghan cannabis (five stars) for their desire to increase the length and density of those who determine the period of use and depends on the same person.

The treatment period varies from one person to another only in intractable and advanced cases and has a long history such as genetic baldness or general alopecia. The stage of baldness may take a full period for some people for a maximum of nine months. The treatment period is faster. 85% of the cases of hereditary baldness and thrombosis are treated in just 3 months. We mentioned the most difficult of the rare possibilities, which does not exceed 15% of the people.

When you get the desired results, you are not forced to use the product, but you should avoid chemicals as much as possible to maintain the results that have been reached. If you are using sedatives and change your hair color monthly or your working conditions, On a daily basis, such as broadcasters, broadcasters, actors or celebrities, it is recommended to use the original Afghan cannabis oil two to three times a week, but this is not necessary. If you do not want to, you do not need to use the original Afghan cannabis oil Stars) are not the same as those that should be used daily. Longevity The actual studies and experiments on the product have shown that 3 months of regular use of cannabis oil will make your hair healthy and strong with good and continuous productivity in terms of height and density.

Children's shampoos have a lower proportion of chemicals compared to other masseurs and are therefore an appropriate alternative if you do not have a 100% natural shampoo. You should use it to wash your scalp while you use the original Afghan hashish oil to get the best results but this is not necessarily urgent.

The Afghan cannabis oil (5 stars) does not contain any chemicals, so it does not interfere with any wounds or infections of the scalp. It does not contain any conflicts,
Note that the oil cannabis works to treat some of the infections
1-fungal: such as fungus fungal disease.
2 - Bacteric: Calmml.
3-Viral: As a chickenpox and a fire belt.
4 - parasitic: Kalashbaniajalidip.
5 - tumors and skin cancers.
6 - immune tumors such as lupus erythematosus .

Minoxid spray contains a chemical substance for the hair follicles and thus add to the hair follicles, and if it was stopped directly use may cause a sudden collapse of hair follicles and then a high drop rate even if (the original Afghan cannabis oil) able to effectively treat the scalp hair High and reduce the exposure of hair to fall in the most difficult circumstances It is recommended to follow the special way to use cannabis oil cannabis oil in case you are still using Minoxid spray. The cannabis oil should be used on a day and minoxidilium sprays
The use of each Minoxid sprayer once
The day is two times.
An example of clarification during the first month
Saturday: Use hashish oil
Sunday: Use MinoxDel - once
Until the end of the first month, use a sufficient amount of hashish oil according to the length and intensity of hair as the previous, using the use of Brauasabrhlsbo determine the amountMalayomi then distribute it on the entire scalp and then make a light massage with your fingers for a minute until the scalp absorbs oil, leave the oil on the scalp 3 Hours and then wash the scalp and if you want to use cannabis oil in the evening and wash the next morning there is no harm should leave oil on the scalp for a period of time not less than 3 hours and not more than 12 hours.
Usage during the second month
Each minoxide will be used twice a week
Once the beginning of the week and once the middle of the week either use all the oil cannabis will be day after day until the end of the second month.
Use during the third month
The use of Minoxidil is completely regulated and used on cannabis oil day after day. It is recommended to continue using olive oil for daily use for 6 months for those who have already used Minoxidil, even if the results are good during the first three months. The results achieved the desired results at the same time. .

There is no conflict or harm from your use of cannabis oil if you grow hair in the past, on the contrary, your use of cannabis oil develops the branched hair follicles rather than being weak and withering, especially during the first year of cultivation there is a high proportion of cultivated hairs die like plants completely when you move From the source of the real to another place the probability of death 50% but your use of cannabis oil will be a very strong incentive to strengthen hair follicles implanted and at the same time the growth of new hair from the two sides of the first side branched hair follicles meaning (branch of the bulb) the emergence of new bristles of the same bulb instead of hair One In each bulb and the other side the growth of hair follicles inert, which was previously produced very light hair into thick hair of real value
We recommend that if you have not done hair transplantation in the past, do not just think about farming, and the oil of cannabis will enrich the hair growth by 10 times, God willing, in terms of results, hard, costs, conditions and restrictions.

We recommend you choose one of the two things either to complete the diet (dieting) and then your hair processor using cannabis oil or vice versa you must make a decision and then choose what is most important in your opinion of your hair or your weight
If you follow the diet and at the same time use the cannabis oil for hair treatment the results will be 50% slower than other people.

Yes Used for children who are above two years of age (not used for those younger than two years of age) There are no side effects in the short or long run.

It is manufactured and packaged in its original home (Afghanistan) by a high quality factory and supervised by experts and specialists in this field.

The Afghan cannabis juice extract only contains no additives.

• It has no side effects because its composition contains 100% natural materials.
• Do not require a doctor visit
• No prescription required
• Does not contain chemicals

Some may wonder whether the plant from which cannabis oil is extracted is the same as cannabis used for anesthesia in some kind of drug. Yes, the same plant, but the drug is removed in medical laboratories under the supervision of specialists in The subject of this drug is not related to the treatment. Therefore, its use is permissible and forbidden. It is used on the face of a drug, not on a face that benefits a person. a His
For further information, please see the following video:

Package price: 600 SR equivalent: 163 USD.
Package size: 200 ml.
One pack is sufficient for use: 20 days for women or 1 month for men or 50 days for children.

The product is not available in the shops or pharmacies or anywhere you can order the product directly from the orientalist company based in Saudi Arabia - Jeddah to ensure that you get the original product Note that the delivery within the city of Jeddah for free and payment upon receipt and all regions of Saudi Arabia will be received within 24 hours after Order confirmation The shipment will be shipped within Saudi Arabia by the known shipping company (Samsa Express - Fedex previously) and to all the world by DHL company receiving within 3 - 7 working days

Yes, Orientalist is currently working to provide the product to all its customers worldwide by adopting agents, but there are many necessary procedures that must be followed at the level of countries according to the policies and laws imposed. We are currently accredited agents in some Arab countries where you visit agents to see the agent information and in the absence of an authorized agent in your country, you can request the product directly from our site and will receive you according to the shipping schedule specified to the door of the house.

Al Mashturq Trading Company is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Jeddah city in the south
Established in 1999, it is the first and only accredited company in the Arab world to import and export the original Afghan cannabis oil in the Arab world.

Apply adequate and sufficient amount to the target areas in the area of ​​the face or chest or mustache or eyebrows and stretch for a period of 30 seconds before sleeping at least 15 minutes until the skin absorbs the skin oil and dry a little leaves until the next morning and then wash with soap and water The operation daily until the completion of the basic period of treatment for 3 months, this is because the vacuums of the chin and eyebrows or eyebrows or chest area in men.
The oil should be removed from the eye or ear. If the oil leaks to the eye and inside the ear, they are washed directly with water. Avoid getting oil to the areas where you do not want the hair to appear. Repeatedly, the oil reaches some areas of the body.