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Treatment of hair loss

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Treatment of hair blasting

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Treatment of baldness

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Early gray treatment

The Original Afghani Hashish Oil Five star contributes to the filling of hair-free areas, providing nourishment to the scalp and stimulating blood circulation.

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The Original Afghani Hashish Oil is an effective treatment for diseases and skin infections such as alopecia, hereditary baldness and early gray hair.

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- Stop hair loss completely.

- Remove the crust and secretions fatty and bacterial THC is active in cannabis oil To dissolve, dissolve and dissolve harmful fatty sacs that cause fatty baldness

- In many cases of baldness, hair smoothing and treatment of shelling and damage.

- Increase the length by 5-6 cm and density by 15-20%

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In addition to the results of the first month double

- the results within two months

- Repair and germination of hair follicles, which are in a state of inertia and can not grow.

- Re-germination of the hair and cover the blanks gradually adjust the flow of the hormone DHT

- Early Gray Therapy (Hydrogen Peroxide Peroxide Treatment)

- The white hair turns brown into the brown of the mother's bulb.

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In addition to the results of the first month and the second doubling

- results end of the third month

- Cover the blanks completely

- Fixation of results, full appearance of new hair, early gray treatment (hydrogen peroxide pool treatment)

- The brown hair turns black from the mother's bulb.

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Treatment for difficult cases that lasted more than 10 years such as androgenic alopecia and alopecia totalis, or treatment for hair loss due to medication used to treat thyroid problems, cancer and epilepsy

1- New hair length and thickness increase

2- Total coverage of bald patches

3- Maintaining results on the long term

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Undisputed Oil, grant me a miracle after years on me, although i am a hair transplant in turkey before three years and I have bald bald means most of the hair follicles is dead, but maybe the kaaba to the results of the oil in a year than agriculture much after 3 years From Agriculture that cost me and tired in vain, and the price is simple for its effectiveness and tried after one of my brothers and money noticed any side effects and now off to st‘mạlh from a long time. Don\'t you notice any shedding Malawi any problems! Praise God .

Afef dabbaghi


The product was purchased and my first hair was improved after birth and the result was expected from cannabis oil. Finally we fiind a website of its content and its guarantee that provide to us the original oil.

abderrahim haythem

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Original Afghani Hashish Oil

The idea of ​​the original Afghan cannabis oil was not just a commercial experiment or a profitable advertisement. It was a clear vision aimed at offering a product of real value to our customers based on thousands of tests and hundreds of tests. The results of the tests achieved the required results and specifications. Our deep belief that our customers deserve the best. That the vision that is equivalent to hard work is the way to achieve the goal, and that is why we did research and study and travel for exploration and exploration until we reached what we were looking for, and crystallized our vision through the establishment of the Orientalist based on the expertise of scientists in alternative medicine and the best In the field of hair care in the world and the efforts of a professional team, in addition to ambition and hope has no limits, today thanks to God and his dream come true, and start our real task to start to provide the best real product in the sense of the word to address all the problems of hair intractable and keeping in mind that our success and most important Our continued expansion in the world depends on the reconciliation of God and then our trust in providing a product of real value without any side effects within acceptable prices for permanent results. Discover Orientalist World ...

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