Safety Precautions And Guidelines

It is important to take responsible action when using the original Afghan cannabis oil (five star) effective treatment of hair loss always to the following safety precautions in order to have a successful experience of hair growth.

These precautions are divided into what to do and what not to do to re-grow hair.

What to do :

1- Use the original Afghan cannabis (five star) only when your head is completely dry.

2- If drip on your forehead wipe it with a damp cloth.

3- If you have a hair transplant, it is recommended to use the original Afghan cannabis oil (five stars) After 6 months of planting.

4- Hand gloves are preferred

5- Use a very spaced tooth comb

6- Once the treatment is completed for 3 months, it is advisable to continue using the original Afghan cannabis oil (Five-star brand) but at low doses (3 times weekly to maintain hair follicle nutrition).

7- You do not need to change your hair cleaning products when you use the original Afghan (five-star) cannabis oil where you can continue to use the soap or shampoo that best suits your hair.

8- The use of the original Afghan cannabis (five stars) after bathing will have a longer effect, and requires the preparation to a minimum of 3 hours to dry and provide the nutrition crisis for hair follicles.

9 -Make sure that the entire scalp is well-placed for the affected and non-affected areas to avoid the transmission of baldness to another area of the head in the future.

What not to do

1- Do not use the original Afghani hachich (five stars) on areas of wounds or skin infections

2- Do not use the original Afghani hachich (five star) with other hair loss products.

3- Products containing minoxid should not be mixed with the use of the original Afghani hashish (five-star)

4- Original Afghan cannabis oil (5 stars) for use only on scalp, chin, mustache and eyebrows and is not used on areas such as eyes, mouth or eyelashes

5- Stop using the original Afghan cannabis oil (five-star brand) if you experience allergic reactions.

6- Do not store the product in the refrigerator or at more than 35 ° C, the room temperature will be the best

Putting the product on burnt areas or scars is not effective because hair roots in these areas are dead