Important Note: Beware of imitation and imitators

In fact, it has nothing to do with cannabis oil. Not far from the distance and after the success and fame of the product since 2004, we have started to see many counterfeit products sold in the name of hashish oil. As it is the oil of cannabis and usually find people who trade in unknown persons through social networking sites as well as some popular markets are promoting mixtures of oils sold in a random way has been traditionally packaged as the oil of hashish and is not touched with real hashish oil not close or far and non It is useful and may be And its carcinogenic and have side effects in the long run

Unfortunately, the weakness of the religious mind of some anonymous sellers and some traders noted the spread of fake hashish oils by hundreds of imitators, and this is conclusive evidence of the success of the product and became a successful product and has a good reputation is exploited fame and tradition by hundreds of people and promote it for a material purpose and this is not new in our world The tradition is not limited to cannabis oil, but it includes many other products so be sure to always deal with an official company and approved guarantees your right in the future

Orienteering Company is the first and only licensed company in the Middle East to import and export the original Afghan hashish oil from the country of true origin. Afghanistan has been importing it since 1999 till today.

To ensure you get the original product carefully read the following points:

1 - All packages of the product are sealed with a golden (3-dimensional) sticker bearing the orientalist logo on the package as shown in the attached picture

2 - Each package is well wrapped and secured with a silver adhesive tape that holds the number 6622684 at the top and bottom of the package and in the case of removing the adhesive tape can not be returned at all The package is damaged (make sure the package has not been opened before).

3 - Be sure to contact the orientalist company on the official figures published by the General Directorate of the orientalist company If you do not have an authorized distributor in your country, the product is requested from the main branch of the orientalist company in Saudi Arabia - Jeddah via the website.

4 - To guarantee your right, ask for an approved purchase invoice from the orientalist company or one of its authorized distributors

5 - In case you ordered the product by shipping make sure that All bank accounts to which you have converted your order Through ATM or bank as ((Oriental Trading Company)) for applications from within Saudi Arabia The Company does not have bank accounts in the name of the members of all bank accounts, which are accredited on behalf of the company itself.

6 - We disclaim any responsibility for any oil that does not carry the company's logo and is sold on its behalf. Packaging was made in the country of Al-Mansha (Afghanistan) to ensure a net product and 100% pure to return the benefit, God willing, to all our valued customers.

7 - If no authorized distributor is available in your country, the product will be ordered directly from the company's official


Dear customer if you have any feedback On the package you requested, contact the administration directly.


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